Stephen Egan


Stephen Egan

Chief of Operations

From a young age of around 7 Steve Egan started hanging around the shop watching his father work. His father, Matt, worked long hours in those early days. As time went by, Steve started taking more of an interest in his father's work. Steve became driven to show his father what he could do, even when his father thought he was not yet ready.

One day, when Matt was not around, Steve belt sanded a complete set of doors that were in line to be laminated. Concerned for his son's safety, Matt didn't allow him to use the heavy sander at that time. Upon his return, Matt was proud of Steve's fine work and started to allow him to do much more in the shop than he had previously permitted. In his drive to show his father the quality of his workmanship, Steve hadn't realized he was not only working for his father but for a customer as well.

To this day Steve applies that same standard of craftsmanship onto every job he works on or oversees, all with the same keen intuition his father instilled upon him over 30 years ago.

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